Kitchen Design Built to Work

Form Meets Function

Expert Kitchen Designers

Your kitchen needs to look good, but also work well. The expert kitchen designers at Segale Bros. work with you to put on paper what actually gets built and installed in your kitchen. A kitchen that reflects your personal style, entertainment preferences and family situation as well as, perhaps most importantly, functional food preparation and storage needs within an allotted space.

You’ll enjoy a well-balanced kitchen designed with energy-efficient appliances in finishes that complement your work space and enhance your kitchen environment.

Turning Unique Vision into Reality

Designing a kitchen might seem overwhelming. What goes where and what will it look like? More importantly, after spending all that money will you be happy with the results?

We don’t think you’re going to like your new kitchen. We think you are going to love it! Because we turn your unique vision of an ideal kitchen into reality. It’s a job we’ve been hard at work at for some 40 years in the Bay area. And it’s our quality finished products clients have come to know and love.

We think you will too.

Interested in working with us?

The time we take to work with our customers starts with a consultation to discuss your needs and how Segale Bros. experts can help.

Because we value our time with each and every customer, we have limited capacity to take on new clients. To reserve your spot on our schedule, give us a call today,